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This Task is extremely rough and not like my other projects. There's no installer. It's only for SSIS 2008. And there's no (nice) UI.

Columns that you wish to include in the resulting HTML table need to be selected on the "Input Columns" tab of the Advanced Editor.

On the "Component Properties" page of the Advanced Editor, there are a few relevant properties that you can configure:

  • The "Output Variable" property must be set to a fully-qualified name of a variable, as shown. There isn't a dropdown to choose a variable.
  • The "Replace Newline With Break" property will replace any "newline" characters (carriage return/line feed) with the HTML equivalent "<b>" tag.
  • The "Row Colour Column Name" property is optional. If specified, the component will not include this column in the output table, it will use it as a colour specification for each row. The colour specification should be a six-character string, with the colour specified in Hex notation. For example, "FF0000" is red. No validation is done to ensure your colour specification is correct or valid - the contents are just shoved into the row colour tags. Each row can be a different colour. (Very useful for highlighting specific rows based on content.)
  • You may also optionally specify an integer typed SSIS variable (again, fully qualified) for the component to write the number of rows generated in the HTML table.

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